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Tru-Check Meter Service, Inc. was founded in 1987. The Company's line of business includes providing various business services.

"Terrible place to work unless you like being treated like dirt" says a Tru-Check former employee on "Indeed" on June 24, 2017:

"Horrible place to work you will be treated like dirt. Management does not care about employees they only care about getting rich. You make terrible pay by the meter, you DO NOT get paid by the hour. This is by far the worst place I have ever worked. The turn over rate is high because management treats their employees so bad."


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Meter Reader (Former Employee) says

"This company is a horrible company to be employed with. I worked 6 months 6 days a week non stop and i am a religious person had to take a Saturday off for that purpose and requested it off then was fired for that reason the next day they came up with another reason which was b.s . Be careful working with them they offer no protection from animals or customers."

Install tech (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceIt’s low hours so you’ll definitely have time to go home early● Pay & benefitsPay is good. They want u to pay for health care even though it’s temporary. Not worth it● Job security and advancementNo job security because it’s temporary. They make it sound like you gonna be there permanently and the job is greatest thing on earth but it’s not. You just read 4 numbers, record it, take lots of pictures, record it. And drive a busted up 2003 dodge van that stinks and check engine lights on.● ManagementManager is all over the place and sometimes not there and unorganized. Manager has a Pittbull butch lady That acts like she’s a boss but we all had the same pay grade but butch had experience.● CultureNot to sure on culture because like I said it’s contract job. Don’t really care.● OverallPay is good. Work vans are old,2003 dodge. Tools are cheap. From start it’s really slow and boring. They have butch pittbull looking lady watching you and getting in personal space, acting like the job is hard and need brains to do. I think they told her she is acting boss. is 18 but hours a week is 20hrs to 28 hrs. With hr lunch. They said 40 week but it’s really not. Job super easy anyone can do it. Manager and pittbull hootch make the job suck."

Meter Reader (Former Employee) says

"I worked with TruCheck for over a year. If you're on pay per meter read, you can get home early if you are fast. But if there is an opening (usually is), that will need to be covered and you will probably be required to help. If everything goes well, it's a good job. But usually, because of the average $10/hr pay, the area office is usually under staffed.Steady workManagement, turn over ratio"

Meter Reader (Former Employee) says

"What this job entails is commuting to different set locations and recording data from electric/water meters. A usual day for me would be start with a safety briefing before beginning your shift then it's in your truck and off you go. Everyday your given a map representing your route, you are typically expected to complete within a certain time expectancy. But in some cases the ETA isn't entirely realistic, ( for example it could say 5hrs but take 7hrs) your out on foot walking from meter to meter sometimes they could in a customers back yard or secluded in a park or of the highway. Finding the meters is probably your first major challenge with this job then it's just learning the routes which can take around 3 months. It's really not a mentally demanding job but I can get physically challenging especially if you have routes where your walking miles a day, uphill and downhill. On the bright side this job allows you see many different parts of the city or town your working in and like I said $18 an hour is not bad for the work.Decent pay, your mobileNo raises, ok benefits, physically demaning"

Current Employee - Meter Reader says

"Management has no idea what they are doing nothing is told to your face we work 90% of weekends and how we are told is a sticky note left on the check in clock. The vehicles are in terrible shape most of them you have to listen to the clicks to know what gear you are in. Since I have been there they have gone threw 5 team leads in less than a year. Also in that State of Washington the job will be gone in 3 years but they wont tell you that before they hire you and dont get use to seeing anyone for to long the turn over is crazy keep a look out on indeed there job posting is never taken down stay far away or if you take the job keep looking for a better one."

Former Employee - Meter Reader says

"Low , low pay and no pay rise in sight from the "family". Owner Terry Ray keep's his crony's snowed about what a great fellow he is while keeping employ's working for bottom dollar to fulfill LGE contract's . Frequent drug test , so called random test from a third party. No one to blame they say. Hard to do your job when you have to make time to urinate in a cup every week."


"No pension, no raises, horrible management, keeps the money in the family, every time new people are hired its for less money so employment turnover is high, do not take care of their employees, treat you like a second class citizen, micro manage, etc. etc. etc."


"Sweaty nasty work. Poor management. Curse at you. I should have reported the red faced one"

Former Employee - Meter Technician says

"management are childish and retaliate constantly in many illegal ways when you raise an issue or complain about anything. reassignment to worst locations if you get on any manager or supervisor's bad side. working a tough job in all types of weather you would expect to be motivated and encouraged but instead you are treated like garbage and like you can easily be replaced no matter how skilled or qualified you are. screaming at you in front of coworkers on a regular basis. look at the other reviews because not all of them show up right here and get an impression of what you are getting into. be prepared to work in lighting storms unprotected, get bitten by rattlesnakes, forced to go through electric fences and get shocked, it goes on and on. and all for very low pay which never increases."

Former Employee - Meter Technician says

"Very negative atmosphere and environment. Unsafe no training as you will be working on electric stuff and gas meters which present a variety of hazards you won't understand. No raises (not a cent) for many years. Start pay is low considering the dangers, especially for new employees, and that's what you should expect to make as long as employed here. Word of advice, it is a job, not a career, treat it like it is and you will be happier when all is said and done than if you thought you would retire on how much you will be making here. There is not much training so you have to pick up information from people besides management such as other utility workers or coworkers that you trust."

Field Technician - Meter Reader/Installer says

"The job is a temporary position, showing no commitment to the employees whatsoever. It is quite clear from the beginning that this is a "use and lose" situation for the new hire. Because of this, there is little to no room for moving up in the company. Some supervisors have actually been "Temporary Employees" for over 4 years never knowing when they could lose their position. TruCheck shows very little professionalism in the way they conduct management. Childish antics (such as sending employees back home after they had already driven to work) and wishy-washy policies (such as mysterious fees deducted from paychecks because of performance) make TruCheck a company in a desperate need of restructuring. It almost seems as if they make new policies up as they go depending on what kind of situation they are in. Since it is a temporary position, TruCheck does not include any benefits. They have an "incentive" system that was vague from the beginning. None of the management clearly explained how it worked and it seemed to change at least 5 times before I understood to some extent what was going on. Upon hire, the supervisor explained that it was "extremely realistic to make up to $16/hr." I later found out that the incentive system didn't work in any way like that supervisor explained. In actuality $12.75/hr was to be expected if you worked nonstop. Expectations by the management and supervisors are unrealistic. The amount of installs they expect you do per day (90 meter installs) is not humanly possibly. This expectation becomes even more difficult as they require you to work in any weather condition (rain, snow, sleet, lightning, etc.) Although they still push for more and more. If you happen to finish your route, you do not get a bonus or get to go home (something they said previously upon hire and then changed their policy). You get a bigger route the next day which discourages employees, making them not ever want to finish or push themselves. Since the installers are dealing with natural gas, obviously safety should be the number one concern. Although, for TruCheck the biggest concern is the number of meter installs you do. Instead of worrying about quality, they focus on quantity. This is a big mistake since natural gas is so dangerous. Actually, team leaders and supervisors actually get annoyed when an installer finds a gas leak or something hazardous. Gas leaks lead to a lower number of meter installs which leads to poor treatment and discipline on performance by the supervisor. TruCheck will cover all of their bases when it comes to legal situations as well. It seems upon hire you are actually signing your life away (signing nearly 30 documents in your initials). Supervisors explain that if you make any simple mistake, TruCheck will "be on the other side of the court". I have never been with a company that would not back their employee. It is quite clear the few in charge want to make a quick buck and not a solid company."

Meter Technician says

"Extreme weather conditions and dealing with some unruly customers."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Production based work...don't ever get injured, they will look for a way to fire you"

Former Employee - Field Technician says

"Sometimes we were asked to go into unsafe neighborhoods and the customers did not know why we were upgrading the meters. This should have been communicated to the customers better. It created a hostile environment." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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